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Convenience and speed of service delivery are the expectations of every customer, and without compromising on quality. Thanks to technology, we can have our local services online, and delivered quicker by trained professionals.

However, most of these services, be it home improvement and remodeling, appliance repairs and maintenance, business support, and other business support, and personalized services are provided by artisans, who are oftentimes unreachable, unprofessional, and cannot be trusted to deliver quality service. Should this be the experience of young professionals and small business owners in major Nigerian cities?

We at 360-Degrees City believe that a large number of our local services should be done online. For this reason, we provide an online platform for clients to get their plumbing, electrical, cleaning, carpentry, catering, branding, legal, hair and beauty salon, and much more services done by professionals, and at their convenience.

We value time, and are remediating the market’s concerns of finding professional, affordable, and trusted service providers to promptly attend to their service requests. With responsive and interactive services mobile app, website, and accessible service desk, clients can indulge in the range of quality and affordable services available at 360-Degrees City.

Here, you are in good hands!

To be one of the preferred top 3 choices for all service needs of every household in Lagos and Abuja by 2024

Connecting best-in-class craftsmen with consumers, and delivering superior value to our customers, whilst sustaining the environment we live in


We are a dynamic, passionate, pragmatic and talented team of service professionals with collaborative working relationship that exemplifies strength in diversity of skills. This same synergy we extend to our customers to deliver superior value to them. 360-Degrees City therefore will always provide that enabling environment that encourages teamwork, openness and trust among its workforce.


At 360-Degrees City, we learn first from our customers, and use the repertoire of experiential knowledge to solve customers’ service needs. Sociability is ingrained in all our interactions with customers. Our employees and partners are always ready to build a lasting service-centric relationships.


With best-in-class craftsmen as our partners, and extensive communication channels; customers are always assured of prompt service delivery, an affirmation of our respect for them and the premium we place in our relationships.


Using customers’ insight, marketing trends and individual experiences with service issues to develop products/solution that will be beneficial to consumers and our communities is innovation to us, and underpins our service culture.


Our envisioned long-term partnering relationship with our customers is built on trust, doing what we have promised with excellence, and underscored by the reassuring peace of knowing they have hired very skilled service providers they can trust with their service requirements.